Fraud cases are regularly adjudicated in civil litigation. For instance where a party does not wish to or cannot await a lengthy criminal prosecution for remedying hiss losses (as aggrieved party to the fraud). Sometimes a case is labeled as one of civil fraud by the claimant to find fertile ground with a civil judge for its case. Regularly there is nonetheless an adjacent criminal prosecution with which the civil fraud case runs in parallel.
Wladimiroff provides expert assistance at the highest level in civil fraud cases, on the claimant side as well as in other cases on the defendant side. Wladimiroff in this field stands out for a combination of thorough court room and procedural experience, knowledge of fraud and sanction law as well as of civil (procedural) law. That combination makes its expertise unique and very effective.
Mostly the civil fraud cases the firm handles have a transnational element. Wladimiroff handles mandates in civil fraud cases together with other firms in many jurisdictions.