Legal entities and their management as well as government agencies are increasingly held liable for errors under criminal law. The implications can be huge. Not just in terms of possible sanctions but also in terms of internal relations and the reputation of the organisation. Wladimiroff provides support in the boardroom. The sum of the interests of (individual members of) the Supervisory Board, the Management Board, management, personnel, representative bodies and other stakeholders does not necessarily equate the stakes for an organisation under investigation. But they can all affect the defence strategy. In addition, public law entities often have to render public account. Expert, autonomous advice that always keeps in sight the interests at stake is crucial. The lawyers at Wladimiroff have a wealth of experience in providing legal assistance in such complex environments. Wladimiroff also helps to learn the lessons of the past. 

  • Criminal liability of legal entities and government authorities
  • Criminal liability of actual directors