Sanction law defence advocacy offers a professional counterbalance for

the powers of the authorities. Our services cover corporate criminal law,

tax litigation, penal administrative law, Supreme Court & other special

and international criminal law.


An integral expert approach makes all the difference. The legal services provided by Wladimiroff are of the highest quality. This means reviewing all specific and at times unusual aspects of a case.  To provide the best possible service the specialists confer with their colleagues about most cases, to draw on all available in-house knowhow and experience.  Where necessary experts in a specific field are called on to ensure custom-made and comprehensive advice.


International trade is inextricably linked to requests from foreign authorities for information, evidence, prosecution of companies or directors in the Netherlands, or for the surrender or extradition of individuals. This calls for international legal assistance. 

The professionals at Wladimiroff have long experience of the procedures particular to international courts and tribunals and in that context have been collaborating for a long time with the best practitioners in the field abroad. The office has at its disposal an extensive network of specialised offices in Europe, the US and elsewhere in the world. Wladimiroff is active in international professional associations.


Community Engagement


Wladimiroff supports the Haags Historisch Museum [Historical Museum of The Hague] and Museum de Gevangenpoort [Prison Gate Museum], for instance by organising lectures.  The firm is co-founder of the Sebastiaan Genootschap [Sebastian Society], a programme for corporate patrons of these museums.

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Wladimiroff supplies teachers and provides content-specific support to several educational programmes such as the training of (criminal and tax) lawyers, juidical officers and Masters programmes. The firm works closely with Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam and is official partner van de Erasmus School of Law en the Double Degree Program Toga aan de Maas.

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