External assistance Whistleblowers policy

Part of many corporate compliance programmes is a so-called Whistleblowers policy for reports of a concern about potential wrongdoing or irregularities. As of 1 July 2016 companies with more than 50 employees are obliged to have a policy in that respect. From that date the House for Whistleblowers is inter alia competent to function as investigative body in cases where the internal rules of a company are inadequate.

Many companies have tightened their Whistleblowers policy. Some companies have chosen to arrange external assistance for reporting in the framework of the Whistleblowers policy (external confidential integrity advisor).

Wladimiroff Advocaten offers such assistance to companies. With the knowledge of potential investigations flowing from such Whistleblowers reports, their firm background in compliance assistance as to relevant rules and regulations and the unique experience in procedures in the event of non-compliance incidents, the lawyers of Wladimiroff are a very trustworthy partner to confide in for such assistance.