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Léon de Jager


The Added Value of Léon de Jager

The cases that Léon handles often are at the intersection of criminal law and tax law. They are typically intricate and exceptionally challenging. Determining a strategy based on both legal domains is crucial to arrive at a tailored solution for his client. This approach leads to an efficient, goal-oriented, and results-driven process that enhances the likelihood of a favourable outcome.

Léon preferably emphasises preventing legal proceedings and seeks practical solutions for his clients, understanding that litigation is not always the optimal resolution.

Léon easily connects with a client and adeptly elucidates the complexity of a criminal or fiscal case. He is a pleasant collaborator and a source of support in challenging circumstances. To achieve the best outcome, he is focused and directive in his approach when handling your case.

Léon’s expertise in criminal and investigative matters is acknowledged in the Legal500. Due to his knowledge and experience in tax proceedings, he has been a board member of the NVAB for many years and teaches at the knowledge platform for bankruptcy fraud.