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Cookie statement

If you are a user of our website, various cookies may be placed on your computer through our website
In this statement, we explain what cookies are, which cookies are used by Wladimiroff, what these cookies do, why Wladimiroff uses cookies and, finally, how you can refuse and/or remove cookies. The function of social media cookies is also discussed.


Cookies are small (text) files that a website server places on your computer, tablet or other device when visiting a website. By placing a cookie, the website server can recognise your device the (next) time you visit.
From the time that the cookie is placed on your device, it remains active for a specific period of time. After this period, the cookie is removed by your browser. Depending on the cookie, it is either active for the duration of your browser session or for a longer period, which allows the cookie to be read the next time you visit our website. Insofar as we collect any of your personal data through the cookies, this data is processed in accordance with our privacy statement.


Our website places the following two types of cookies:
• functional cookies;
• analytical cookies;
What do functional cookies do and why do we use them?
We use a functional (required) cookie to enable navigation on the website. This cookie is limited, being active only for the duration of your browser session.
We also use a cookie that registers whether or not you have agreed to the placement of cookies when visiting our website. This cookie is active for a period of 2 years at most.
The functional cookies listed above can only be read by Wladimiroff. The data obtained in this manner is not shared with third parties unless we are (legally) required to share this data.
What do analytical cookies do and why do we use them?
Analytical cookies help us to understand the use of our website. The information obtained through our cookies allow us to analyse the use of our website and to generate statistics. This knowledge is used to improve our website.
We use the cookies from the Google Analytics service. In that framework, the provider of Google Analytics – Google Inc. – places cookies through our website. The information that is collected through these analytical cookies is processed by Google Inc. to produce anonymous reports on the use of the website for the benefit of Wladimiroff.
We have selected a privacy-friendly setting of the Google Analytics cookies, in line with the manual of the Dutch Data Protection Authority on this topic. In short, this means:
• Wladimiroff has concluded a processing agreement with Google Inc.;
• Google Inc. may not process your full IP address;
• Google Inc. may not use the collected data for its own purposes (including the placing of advertisements);
• the option for following your surfing behaviour has been switched off;
• Wladimiroff does not use other services of Google Inc. in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.
Through the Google Analytics cookies, Google can provide the information collected to third parties if Google is legally required to do so or insofar as third parties process the information on behalf of Google. By using our website, you are consenting to Google processing the information in this manner and for the purposes set out above. More information about Google Analytics cookies can be found here. For more information on the use of cookies by Google Inc., click here.
See here how you can refuse and/or remove Google Analytics cookies.


Our website has buttons and/or links to promote (“like”) or share (“tweet”) web pages on social (media) networks or websites of third parties, such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. The cookies related to social media options (“social media cookies”) are placed and read by the providers of those social media. Social media cookies make it possible to share the content of our website through social media.
Wladimiroff has no influence on (the use of) social media cookies. Before you make use of these services from third parties, it is advisable to first read the privacy statement of that third party so that you know what they do with (personal) data collected through these cookies. Wladimiroff does not supervise nor is it responsible for the processing of personal data by and through such third parties.


It is possible to set your browser so that cookies are not stored on your device. You can set your browser so that all cookies are refused or choose the option where all cookies are removed when your browser session is closed. The website of the Autoriteit Consument en Markt [Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets] contains more information about cookies and how you can block or remove them.
Refusing and/or removing cookies may affect the possibilities for use of the website.

This cookie statement was adopted on 26 September 2018.