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Assistance in witness and suspect interviews

In every criminal investigation suspects are interviewed. When the suspect is a legal entity, one of its directors or executives is often designated by the company to provide a statement on its behalf. An interview can take place at the start of the criminal investigation, during an arrest (for instance, following a FIOD dawn raid), or later before the examining magistrate or during the court hearing. The statement of the suspect is of paramount importance, as it can contribute to the evidence and consequently influence the outcome of a case. As a suspect, you are entitled to assistance before and during the interview. Caution is advised, as your statement can incriminate not only others but also yourself.

Witnesses also play a crucial role in a criminal case. Their statements can similarly contribute to the evidence. The rights and obligations of a witness depend on the phase in which the interview occurs.

Clients of Wladimiroff can draw from a rich source of knowledge and experience. With Wladimiroff, you are assured of expert assistance in both witness and suspect interviews. We provide thorough information about your rights and obligations, and we assist in preparing for interviews and making strategic choices.