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Internal Investigations and Compliance

Governments, banks, accountants, and business partners continue to raise the bar for companies in the field of compliance. Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws, fraud prevention, competition law, anti-corruption legislation, and EU sanction laws require the development of responsive compliance policies. These policies cannot be a paper exercise but must be effectively implemented and executed to prevent or limit liability risks. Wladimiroff is a sought after firm given its skills and experienc in setting up and drafting (internationally targetted) compliance programmes and policies and its advice on related legal issues.

In the case of suspected fraud or corruption within your company, it may be advisable to investigate these suspicions. Conducting internal investigations may help prevent criminal prosecution or, if that is not feasible, it may contribute to making defence choices. Wladimiroff is known for its discretion and expertise in conducting internal investigations.

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