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Disciplinary Law

In disciplinary law, members of a professional group can be held accountable for acting contrary to the applicable professional conduct rules. This applies to professionals such as lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, notaries, and medical practitioners. A disciplinary case should not be underestimated, considering the measures a disciplinary board can impose. This includes a reprimand, a fine, a (conditional) suspension, or, in a severe case, a prohibition from practicing the profession. Even in less severe cases, reputational damage may already be inflicted with a warning.

Disciplinary complaints require an effective and discreet approach. With its years of experience in the field of sanction law, Wladimiroff can provide the necessary professional assistance. Additionally, we often provide a second opinion or advice on (a part of) a disciplinary case. If necessary, we collaborate with subject matter experts in the respective professional fields to offer the best possible assistance.

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