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Tax Litigation

Dutch tax law is vast and complex. It regularly happens that the Tax Authority and the taxpayer rdisagree on the interpretation or application of a tax rule. In such cases, the taxpayer can object to the assessment imposed on them. During the objection phase, there is a right to access the file and hold a hearing with the Tax Authority. Experience shows that being alert and critical during this hearing is crucial, as the assessment can be reconsidered at this stage.

If no resolution is reached in the objection procedeedings, the taxpayer has the right to bring the case to court. The court then renders a judgment on the dispute. If this doesn’t lead to the desired result, it is possible to proceed to appeal before the Court of Appeal and, if necessary, to lodge an appeal in cassation with the Supreme Court.

Wladimiroff is highly experienced in handling tax procedeedings at all of their stages. However, litigation is not always the most suitable path. In such cases, we aim to reach a compromise with the Tax Authority. A well-crafted strategy and substantiation with strong arguments often leads to the desired outcome.

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