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Expert and Comprehensive Approach

Wladimiroff excels


At the pinnacle of specialised Dutch law practice.

At the pinnacle of specialised Dutch law practice. We hold a leading position in Dutch law practice, particularly in the areas of financial, economic, and tax sanctions law. Due to our expertise in complex legal domains, our persuasive abilities, and the results of our efforts, clients come to us, and fellow lawyers and business service providers – both domestically and internationally – refer their clients and associates to our firm.


A Rich Source of Knowledge and Experience

Our firm was established on 1 September 1976. Initially as an experiment conducted under the auspices of the Bar Association, it evolved in the 1990s into the go-to firm for fraud and corporate criminal law. From 2005 onward, it transformed into a top-notch boutique specialising in sanction law, encompassing all governmental punitive actions and enforcement matters.


Expertise in sanction law and tax litigation

We swiftly and effectively translate issues into legally relevant aspects and avenues for solutions. We provide unparalleled knowledge and experience, often turning the tide in a legal storm.

Laatste blog

Een vooralsnog mislukte proef?

Op 30 oktober 2023 gaf de Amsterdamse Raad van Discipline (Raad) een beslissing in een proefprocedure over – kort gezegd – bijstand aan een verdachte en getuigen door dezelfde advocaat in hetzelfde onderzoek. Vraag was of het een advocaat is toegestaan zowel een verdachte als een (of meerdere) getuige(n) bij te staan in hetzelfde strafrechtelijke onderzoek.