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Jop Spijkerman


The Added Value of Jop Spijkerman

Jop has been associated with Wladimiroff Advocaten since 2007, specialising in providing assistance in extensive fraud cases. In addition to his work as a criminal defence lawyer, Jop is active as a member of the examination committee of the Dutch Bar Association for criminal law and ethical law. He is also a member of the advisory committee on criminal law of the Hague Bar Association. Approximately ten times a year, he acts as a substitute judge in the Limburg District Court, handling (extensive) criminal cases.

“Hard on the content, soft on the person” applies to Jop. Clients, colleagues, judges, and public prosecutors all perceive him as a reliable and thorough interlocutor. Prioritising the client’s interests, Jop seeks compromise when possible, often with a touch of humor. Jop likes to think and act “out of the box,” ensuring results in every case. With his personal, approachable, and substantively solid approach, he brings many criminal cases – both inside and outside of the courtroom – to a favourable outcome for the client.

Through his experiences as a substitute judge, Jop better understands the grounds and manner in which decisions are made by judges and public prosecutors, both in open court and in the privacy of chambers. Colleagues and clients appreciate Jop’s approach. He is described in Legal500 as a ‘superb lawyer,’ combining great knowledge of the law with a pleasant approach. He is also characterised as ‘a solid and safe pair of hands, who is nice to work with’ (Legal500).